Sari is a traditional Indian women’s national garment that seems to be one of the rare garments that will never get out of fashion. Probably the main reason for that are the countless combinations that women can do with this incredible piece of clothing. Now thanks to the modern technology, draping and trying new styles to fashion a Sari has never been easier. Learn Sari is a popular mobile app dedicated to Sari.

How does Learn Sari work?

Learn Sari actually works as an electronic guide on a mobile device where users can learn more about wearing a Sari or making beautiful combinations with their favorite garment. There are some fashion suggestions available as well as different multimedia features that can help any woman get the most of their Sari. This application comes with many images and samples which mean that users can easily find what they are looking for. It also comes with an intuitive interface that can help even beginner users.

What makes Learn Sari app unique?

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The truth is that there aren’t many Sari-related mobile applications on the market and Learn Sari is definitely one of the best among them. Of course, the numerous features that this app has make it unique and best in this field.

Essentials – This feature allows users to learn more about Sari as a garment that exists for hundreds of years in India. They can learn more about the garment itself, but also the basic rules about how sari garment should be worn and arranged. They can learn how to drape Sari in an easy and effective way.

Videos – All these instructions can be found in a video form too. Thanks to this feature users are able to check different outfit combinations for different occasions. In this way they can learn how to wear a sari in different styles. In addition, they get step-by-step guide with images.

FAQ – This is the place where you can get the answers to all the common questions about the app and about sari in general.

Where can I download this app?

Learn Sari can be downloaded from two places depending on the operating system you are using. Android users can use the following link while iOS users can use this link Learn Sari is free and requires relatively low amount of space. It works on Android version 3.0 or up and iOS version 6 or higher. The installation process is very easy and users can uninstall this app equally easy at any time they want.

Pros of this app

–        This is a free application

–        It comes with a set of educational videos and images

–        It also has beautiful music and sounds

–        The interface is user friendly and users can easily find what they are looking for

Cons of this app

–        It is available only for iOS and Android users

Learn Sari is definitely the best modern guide dedicated to sari and with its help users will realize that draping a sari and making a combination of new styles is an easy task.