Welcome to the fantasy world of mobile games. Legend Online games offer an unparalleled user gaming experience with a range of features. The game, like the name says, is played online through the app downloadable from Google Play store. The app is compatible with Google’s Android mobile phones. It can be played by multiple friends interacting online and therefore winning lots of prices from the game.

Overview of the Legend Online: Dragons game

It is an innovative RPG/SLG hybrid game designed for Android operating system smartphones with version 2.2. You get to experience kings at war, beats and dangers in the game. The app is designed in such a way that you can personalize as well as upgrade your weapons, hero and soldiers in the game for increased chance of winning the battles. It will help you win prices when playing with a bunch of friends online.

What are the features of the Legend Online app game?

  • Develop the army of soldiers and heroes for the convenience of simultaneous play of many friends online.

  • Easy improvement in Dungeons, team fights and multiple instances.

  • Take on battles of titan for dominance with world bosses.

  • You can purchase more chances that will enable you run solo Dungeon.

  • There is a Friend Code that can be used to connect with friends. Invite friends using the code and you may you may be eligible for bonus for every friend that signs up for the game with the code you issued to them. The purpose of inviting friends to take part in the game is to make the gaming experience more gratifying indeed!

  • There are new privileges for VIPs. For each level, VIPs can purchase a varying Gift Pack in the market exclusive to VIPs to help the newbie to adjust with the game.

What is this gaming app known?

It has a range of Group Dungeon, Solo Dungeon, Devil City, Tax in City and Solo Arena. This is the complete range featured in the game.

I have heard about the Legend Online game now, where can I get it?

The only way is to download and install the game app on your Android handset. Android devices take the apps from Google Play store ─ as a collection of mobile applications. The website https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.legend.dragon&hl=en can also be used in this endeavor to have the game installed on your phone. More information is also accessible on this website pertaining to the app and you can also get the link to its official facebook page.


Pros about the Legend Online app

  • The game is available free of charge to all Android OS subscribers but only the version 2.2 and the latest.

  • It requires minimal RAM space of 512 MB

  • Easy to understand

  • Get bonus for every friend that use your code and sign up for the game

  • You can win prices in multiplayer game.


Cons about the game

  • Available on a limited number of devices, or say, operating system.


If you are in fond of online games on mobile devices then Legend Online: Dragons may be interesting and appealing to you. Try the game with multiple friends and engage in PvP clashes and PvE battles.