One of the oldest forms of arts, Origami is a name that is familiar to most arts enthusiasts. The Japanese word Origami, which is a combination of the words, folding and paper. Origami is the medieval art of creating sculptures and designs with a single piece of paper without adding glue to it, or even cutting it. The art was first practiced in the 17th century AD and has a lot of avid enthusiasts and learners throughout the world even today!

21st century has made us busier than we were ever before, and today instead of holding a paper or pen, we prefer scribbling and saving things onto our smartphones and tablets. In the fast moving world where technology has replaced almost all the simple joys of life, it is hard to find time for your passion or craft, like you could do a decade back. About other arts, I cannot comment, but Origami is one art you can now practice and master even when you are commuting. The Let’s Fold Origami Collection App on the Google Play Store is one of the finest apps that has been ever designed, to promote an art that has lived over several centuries.

The Let’s Fold App provides you a fun quotient when you try to solve the puzzles in order to qualify for the next level. The App can be considered as a game, a puzzle, a brain teaser app or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. But, the purpose of the Origami Collection app is to let you master the art and craft of Origami and have a fun time while doing so.

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The App has a very lucid experience and there is absolutely no lag that one would find playing the puzzles. It has been built according to the latest material design of Google that comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop, so you can expect the app to give you a very comfortable navigation and browsing. It is a light weight app that brings to you the art of learning to fold paper and make different intricate shapes, designs and sculptures. The Let’s Fold app is an ideal app for the kids, where they can learn the art of Origami and enjoy solving the puzzles at the same time. The challenges that the app brings to you, would make you push harder your imagination senses and would ultimately make you a better thinker and problem solver.

I believe, there are very few arts existing in today’s world that have been with us from centuries and with the Let’s Fold app, you have the opportunity to learn the age old art and practice it on paper with more efficiency when you want. It is like a virtual tutor for learning Origami and it lets you make better Origami sculptures on paper. All this learning and fun comes free of cost, available at the Play Store.

Download the Let’s Fold app today and sharpen your artistic skills!