There are many reasons why people use their Android devices and gaming is one of those activities which are getting more and more popular. The reason is simple – the Android platform is getting more advanced and smartphones and tablets using this type of operating system are becoming more powerful. This means that game developers don’t have to worry about the complexity of the games they produce and they can include all types of graphics and animations in their games. It is obvious that dandev the creator of Little Dragon had all these things in mind when they started to work on this game.

How does Little Dragon work?

The only function of this game is to provide entertainment to the players. Little Dragon is basically a platform game which places players in a role of an incredibly cute-looking dragon which comes in several colors. You can choose the color of the character according to your preferences. Since you are playing with a dragon it is quite natural that you can fly off the ground and this is what makes the game exciting. You can fly in all possible directions and the main goal is to avoid obstacles and collect coins. What many people find interesting are the different challenges that this game provides. One might think that a game like this is easy but the truth is that Little Dragon is equally challenging for kids and for adults. Even if you are 30+ you can definitely spend some interesting time playing this game.

What makes Little Dragon unique?

According to some stats there are several million games in this genre in Google Play Store. So, why choose this one over the others? According to many players, the first thing you will notice about this game is the beautiful graphics. Games that use the same background all the time become boring after a while. The developers have decided to use some very beautiful landscapes in the background. Another thing that makes this app unique is the surprising rewards and goodies you can expect. As you collect coins you can get some power-ups and these surprise goodies can also be found among coins too. You can easily get extra lives and progress in the game faster. All you need to do in order to control your curious dragon is the use the touch control on the display. Simply hold the touch screen to dive and release it to climb.

Where can I download Little Dragon?

Little Dragon can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store on the following link The installation process is regular and you won’t be asked for some special permission. Remember that the size of this app is 34 MB and you can store both on internal and external memory.

Pros of this app

  • –        Completely free games
  • –        Easy to control the character
  • –        Beautiful design

Cons of this app

  • –        It is available only for Android-based devices

Little Dragon is definitely a game for all generations and you can spend hours of playing without feeling bored.