Popularity of games that can be played on Android-based mobile devices is growing daily. They are slowly taking their place on the market and there are few reasons for that – they have good graphics, they are easy to play and they can be used on your device wherever you are. In addition, developers are always improving the features of their games so those who play Android games should look for updates every once in awhile. Lord of Darkness 2 is one good example of fast paced action game for mobile devices that tends to incorporate all the latest trends and advantages of Android games.


Once you are done with the installation (by the way this game is using standard installation procedure) you can start playing. When you first load this game you will notice the beautifully designed menu where you can choose your character, explore the shop, adjust the setting and get help.

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There are four main characters/warriors and you can choose one that suits you the best. They are all carefully created and each of them has its own weaknesses and strengths. These warriors include – Boxer, Sword Man, Bomber and Berserker. All the names suggest the warrior’s main strengths – from the persistent Boxer and strong Sword Man to Bomber who is patiently waiting for his upgrades and the Berserker with his long sword that can cut through anything!

The playing process is easy and fun. There is a vibrant community dedicated to Lord of Darkness 2 which you should join. You must choose the weapons and skills that you want to upgrade. Be careful with this procedure because it will determine the strengths of your warrior. After that you are good to go. Winning against stronger opponents will bring you more points and the best part is that you can share the news about your victories directly on your profile. Of course the ultimate goal is to reach the Lord of Darkness stage. This is a stage that is reached only by the best players of Lord of Darkness 2.

The gameplay is very straightforward and those who are looking for games that are based on hack and slash concept will really enjoy it. Besides weapons you will also have an opportunity to use magic too. During the whole gameplay you will enjoy some stunning graphics and music that will make the battles even more realistic.

Pros of Lord of Darkness 2

–       It is a free mobile application

–       It is suitable for players of all ages, regardless of their knowledge to operate mobile devices

–       Lots of different options and endless levels of battling waiting to be unlocked

–       Fast action without unnecessary dialogues or pauses

Cons of Lord of Darkness 2

–       It is a little bit difficult to advance especially if you are a beginner player

–       Players that prefer other genres might find this game not very entertaining

Overall, Lord of Darkness 2 is a modern fast paced action Android game that is definitely worth trying out!