We’ve been using photo sharing applications on the Android devices since the first Android device came out. It’s part of the life, when you spend a large chunk of your time making and  reviewing photos, and need to constantly share some of them. We’re pretty set in our ways, but we may need to rock the boat a bit for Pixmeknot, from Pixmeknot LTD. The app makes it incredibly simple, efficient, and unbelievably cool to manage your images and other pics with just a simple and reliable photo management app.

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Discover a new way to store, view, manage and transfer your photos on your Android devices with Pixmeknot app. This app is a really all-in-one application when it comes to handling photos on your mobile device. Using this brilliant app users can easily share photos on the go with the push of a button. App lets users invite anyone they want to see favorite photos. This amazing app is integrated with the main photo storages so Pixmeknot makes sharing photos a breeze.  The my-event aspect feature of pixmeknot allows users to collaborate photos with friends; you can invite your friends to join an event by sms, email or custom friend list (detected automatically by the email you have in your contact list). Users can join an event by searching in the name of the event in the search box of my-event tab. All the photos that your friends upload to an event that you have joined, you will be able to view the same photos in your phone. This app gives users power to control all of their cloud photo storage services from the palm of their hand with a simple yet effective interface called “my cloud”.  It also gives users the ability to collaborate with other pixmeknot users through its “my event” functionality.

Since Pixmeknot app is offered for free you can enjoy photo management  anytime and anyplace you like. If you’re doing lots of picture sharing and social media, which of course is all the rage these days, you will want to control all your images and photos in a good way. Pixmeknot app can help you get in that direction, and keep you one step ahead above the rest.

Download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dpc.pixmeknot&hl=en