Consider the inconvenience of writing those minutes of the meeting or notes in a lecture room on a paper that may not be edited with ease. Now the smart way of writing memos is here with DioNote app. It is a handwriting note that can be purchased from Google Play store and used on a mobile. The user gets to create memos using handwriting or freehand drawing. The good thing is that you can edit these after writing.

How does DioNote function?

It functions as a notebook on an Android mobile phone where the user can easily create and edit memos for ease of use. There is an Ink-Text-function that helps detects and converts the user’s handwritten memo into text. Freehand drawings can also be used to create memos. Furthermore, the Ink-Text-Editor affords one the opportunity to edit the handwritten text the same as it would’ve been on the normal text done by keyboard.

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The memos can be saved in notebooks for future reference or editing. There is Ink-Search-Function that can be used to locate the saved handwritten memo.

What is so special about DioNote app?

This mobile app has features that help it to stay above all. Consider a few below;

  • View settings ─ from the view settings you can select to view the combination of memo and notebook or only one of them.

  • Send or receive with the app ─ the app allows you to send and to receive notebooks using Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive.

  • Shortcut on the phone screen ─ by tapping and holding onto the thumbnail of this app you can therefore add it as a shortcut for easy access on the screen.

  • Share memos with the app ─ you can easily your handwritten memos on social networks through the app or can share on other applications.

  • Organize memos ─ simply create notebooks where memos will be organized.

  • Customize the notebook ─ you can easily add your photo on the notebook.


DioNote can be used for many purposes

You can sketch ideas on it while travelling or make a freehand drawing of your travel plan, make note of important occasions and keep record of important events. You can keep records of places by adding images with marked locations on them.

How can I download this app because it sounds interesting?

Well if you’re impressed by the app and want to put it to a test, simply download it from Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android devices. This link can be handy as well in downloading the DioNote mobile app for free.

Pros of the app

  • It is a free mobile app

  • Its user interface is made simple

  • Has many eye-catching features

The cons about this app

  • The app is available for Android users, so other operating system is a bad luck for them.

There is no more worry when creating memos, when recording important details about conferences or any other occasions because DioNote is here. This mobile app allows one to create handwritten memos and then edit afterwards.