What kind of game is Mind Teaser Jasmine?

Mind Teaser Jasmine is game that belongs to puzzle games category. This Mind Teaser brain teaser game has unique and beautiful design with Jasmine Flower as main playground. On each leaf of the flower, there is eight numbers from one to eight. This game has eight different stages, this is the mind teaser of the day. This game can be both mind teaser games for adults and for kids, ages are not a problem at all for this game.

jasmine featured

How Should I play this game?

To play this game you have to sort all the eight numbers that are appeared on the Jasmine flower. You can order the numbers by tapping on the control points, there are total 16 control points, from which of them eight are internal and eight are external. The external ones are used for shuffle the numbers vertically and horizontally, instead of internal ones who are used to shuffle the numbers in diagonally order. For better understanding, you can use how to play option where you will see the mind teaser pictures, this is not of the mind teaser quotes game or mind teaser questions games. This is one of the mind teaser riddles game, and mind teaser fall.


Can I play this game?

This game is perfect both for adults and for kids, there is no violence at all, all you can train is your brain. However, you need android devices like smartphone or tablet, with Jasmine Flower through the gameplay can cheer up your day even when you have puzzle and brain game that require concentration and thinking.

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