Complete some surveys, download a free app, watch an ad and so on. There are many offers you can earn from and all you earnings will be transfered to your PayPal accounte! Sounds easy? Well it is!

MintCoins – Make Some Real Money!

Available on Android (Requires 2.3 or later)

This is not a game – but still, it’s a lot of fun!  With this app you can make money, maybe small money, but as you do more and more offers, the dollars get higher and you’re able to convert your earnings into real money. You can easily transfer your money to your PayPal account and use it for whatever suits you. Doing surveys, watching ads, downloading free apps allows you to earn money and it only takes a few minutes!

Cheat sheet to earn more with Mintcoins

MintCoins is an app developed in order to give people the opportunity to make some small side money, aside from their real time job, or if you’re unemployed you will still have income, but in small numbers of course. You can earn more money in MintCoins by doing the following:

  1. –Downloading free apps.
  2. –Downloading paid apps(very high pay for paid apps).
  3. –Inviting friends(Best Method – 0.50$ per friend).
  4. –Registering to free websites.
  5. –Registering to paid(high pay) websites.
  6. –Completing surveys.

Author Overview

You think this is easy? It’s worth a try right? When transferring your earnings you have to know that the payouts are completed within maximum 24 hours – so you won’t be getting your money at once but they will be there, and for you to use freely as it would suit you.