Anyoption is the new app on the scene for savvy Android and iOS users who like to make trades on the go. This free app allows users to view and purchase binary options from almost anywhere, track progress and, potentially, make a lot of money. We’ve delved deeper into the portable world of finance to help you learn all you need to know about mobile trading with anyoption.

Tell me more about binary options!

An option is a financial term that allows an individual the right to purchase or sell an asset at a certain fixed price by a particular date. A binary option, then, is a special type of option that pays either a specific fixed amount, or nothing. The 2 types of binary option are ‘cash or nothing’, requiring the buyer to purchase at a fixed cost, and ‘asset or nothing’. Some people know of binary options by other terms, including digital options, fixed return options and ‘all or nothing’ options.

So now I know…what are the benefits of binary options?

In contrast to the rocky climate of the stock exchange, trading in binary options is simpler and, to a certain extent, safer because potential returns are made clear BEFORE anything is bought. You can buy a binary options on almost any financial option and, in keeping with the binary theme, there are only 2 types of option available: Down and Up. Expiry times are attached to options and once purchased they cannot be sold again until after the expiry time has passed.

Exciting stuff! So how do I make money?

It’s quite simple. First, you’ll need to install the anyoption app from the Google Play  or Apple App Store. Then follow the user instructions and step-by-step guide to setting up your account, follow market trends and use the app to earn up to 71% returns on each trade. Trades are tracked in real-time on the app, so it is possible to keep your ear to the ground at all times and know the score before you invest. Support is available 24/7 from experienced staff so there’s always help when you need it. We particularly like that the app is entirely ad-free, making it really easy to navigate.

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Why use anyoption?

  • Free app

  • Simple to understand

  • Available for private investors and institutions

  • Worldwide usage

  • 60 popular markets

  • High returns

  • Multi-language support

  • Real-time trading

Because markets only go up or down, it’s incredibly simple to use anyoption to make money from even small fluctuations. Start off by picking an asset, such as oil, gold or copper, and decide if the price of that asset will go up or down in a given time period. Make the right decision and make big money. Binary options give everybody the opportunity to profit from both dips and booms in the stock market. No experience or financial qualifications are required to operate the anyoption app, simply install and join in.

Top 5 reasons to install anyoption app today:

  1. anyoption is FREE for Android and iOS users

  2. get the opportunity to make money from rising and falling markets

  3. stay ahead of news and updates to make informed decisions

  4. simple user interface and intuitive app design

  5. free deposits and withdrawals

Verdict: Mobile trading with anyoption is at the forefront of the technological boom of the financial industry. Download it now and start making some money today.