As most of you already know by now, the latest installment of Gameloft’s Modern Combat franchise; the “Modern Combat 4” got leaked last week(just like Asphalt 7). Probably it is due to that reason Gameloft decided to delay Android’s release which is quite unfair  since Gameloft promised simultaneous releases on both the iOS and Android.

Well, Gameloft are certainly not popular for their promise-keeping as it was known via Gameloft’s tweet that the version of Modern Combat 4 for the iOS will hit their app store on December 6th and the Android version to follow up anytime after the iOS release.

Yes, we know how funny that  sounds; for those wondering how Gameloft always gives an exact date for iOS releases and never for Android…trust me, your are not the only ones!  Do the folks from Apple have something to do with this? Wait, this is a conspiracy!? Ok, just kidding(or am I?) on a serious note I believe Gameloft is just angered by the leaks of their biggest franchise games on Android, and prompted them to give exact dates on only to iOS release as punishment?! The truth is that know one apart from Gameloft know the answers to the above mysteries.

As for those of you craving to get your thumbs on MD4 you can search for the leaked version, or simply wait for the official version which is much closer than you think and should arrive in less than a week after the iOS release. Don’t forget to subscribe/follow us on twitter  if you wish to be one of the first to be notified on the official release of the much anticipated Modern Combat 4.