Hello all Softwarelint followers, today we are taking a look at „One Direction News“ a new app made exclusevly for the famous group called „One Direction“. We decided to take a look at the the app because we feel this is a very good example of providing the most for your audience

The app allows the user to receive live updates from “One Direction”. It shows the user latest official news related to them. This will help fans to keep in touch with what is happening. For all the fans out there, it also provdes Youtube videos and  pictures of the group. The app even provides live updates from their Twitter site. A perfect fan app, the modern approach that i personally feel more groups and people should use.


This application contains the latest:

* Official news of One Direction
* Photos of One Direction
* YouTube videos
* Live updates from Twitter

The One Direction band members are:

* Harry Styles
* Liam Payne
* Niall Horan
* Zayn Malik
* Louis Tomlinson

Social smartphone apps

In general the app is about the group called “One Direction”. The reason i decided to do it is because i feel social smartphone apps are turning into the new social phenomena. A lot of people already have smartphones and the future is moving twoards better and smarter phones. This means that the artists and companies have a even better platform to use to reach the targeted audience. This means that the user gets the newest updates while the companie or the owner gets the publicity. It is a win-win situation that benefits both sides. This is why we at Softwarelint feel this is the future.