Brainstorming: it’s been around for ages, a way for people to exchange ideas, thoughts, or simply a mean to help each other achieve a common goal, find a solution to a problem. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to do it without having to meet face to face? Well, there actually is one, and it involves your tablet.

Called PhatPad, it is stated to turn your tablet into an advanced brainstorming tool. You can draw, write or type your thoughts, your ideas and then simply share them via email, or Dropbox.

You can also take notes, drawings, images, or voice recordings and share them as mentioned above. The application also has handwriting recognition software built in, which comes in handy.

It is suited for everyone given the intuitive nature of the app. For example, in order for you to have the most space available for drawing or note taking, the options are hidden until you need them.

From that option menu you can add images, you can insert digital text using your keyboard, add grid lines or detect drawn shapes.

If you like you can also access some of the more technical options from there, like Dropbox synchronization and Handwriting recognition. It was made with one thing in mind: simplicity.

It did really well in an actual test, the handwriting recognition is spot on, adding images is very easy, so easy actually because of the custom made camera UI, where you only have to click an “X” to determine whether or not you want to add that picture.

PhatPad and Drawing shapes

Drawing shapes is just as easy, you can do it with your finger, stylus or you can recognize it, basically the same as handwriting.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about drawing a perfect line, since the app does it for you: it recognizes it and automatically straightens it out.

PhatPad can also be used as a layer-based image creation tool, too. You can put clipart, text and images on top of each other. For example, let’s say you have an infographic as an assessment you can create the first draft.

Multiple pages With PhatPad

Another great thing about PhatPad is the ability to create multiple pages and use it as a presentation mode to move through them. You can also create voice notes by setting up the slide timings. Unfortunately though, you cannot save the slides in PPT format. That would have been super nice!

All in all, after some time working with it and just going through all the features, I am quite pleased with how many there are! I strongly believe that anyone could find useful ways to use PhatPad, especially students and teachers.

Highlight text with color, insert text using a keyboard or handwriting recognition, adding an image, changing the fonts, changing the background color, easily adding arrows are only a few examples of options.


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Here is an overall list of pros to conclude:


  • Easily share your creations by email, or by synchronizing with Dropbox
  • Simplicity all the way: this is one of the most intuitive apps that I’ve worked with
  • Fast and plenty of options

Download :