This is a golden opportunity for all the members of softwarelint community to transform your mobile phone into a weather forecaster. Pix weather is a very stylish and useful application for all the people who are having an android based OS. There are hundreds of applications are being designed and coded by the professionals and Pix weather is one of them.  Pix weather is basically a very small size weather application which enables you to get in touch with the outside weather every time.

How to install Pix weather?

As I already told you Pix profit application is designed to keep you updated with the weather. If you are having an android OS based mobile phone then you can install this application from the official website of Google app i.e. Google Play.  Google play automatically checks the compatibility of your mobile phone with the pix weather app.  After installing the application in your android based OS you will be able to use this wonderful app with an ease.

How to use the Pix weather application?

After installing the application, you might be thinking how to use the pix weather app in a fully appropriate manner.  To get the best working experience with Pix weather you need to configure its all settings as per your need and requirement.  First let me help you to configure the various setting of pix weather. First you need to give the sufficient permission to pix weather application to use the GPS facility as well as full internet access, this will help this application to search your current location.

After opening the Pix weather app with your mobile phone, you need to save your current location first and then you can switch this application and track your weather from any place and any time.

You can check the temperature in various units [Kelvin, Celsius, and Fahrenheit], not only this you can switch to any mode any time you want. There are many images available with pix weather app, this will helps the pix weather application to change the wallpaper of your mobile automatically according to the weather around you.

You can also having an option to refresh your time frame; you can exceed the time limit to 50 minutes, means pix weather application will check your GPS position within an interval of 1 hour and gives you a new wallpaper after every hour.

This is a must have application for all the android users who wants to keep in touch with the weather all the time.

Key features of Pix weather application

There are many features of this pix weather application but some of them are really too good to be discussed. Some best features of this application are listed below.

a)      You can choose your own images for regular updation of weather.

b)      Switch to various modes of weather forecasting.

c)      Easy to use application, and takes less than a MB to be stored in your micro SD card slot.


My own experience with Pix weather application own my Samsung Galaxy S5570

I installed pix weather application 2 weeks ago and really very happy with the working and its wallpaper changing features.  I recommend this application to all the android users.

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