Some apps are just gratifying and, give one an invaluable mobile experience when using them. Candy Mania Crush is just one of those apps you’d love having them installed on your Android smartphone. It is a game oriented application with 3 games in total. The app helps test your memory and your ability to use puzzles. That would be so lovely for someone who adores brain and puzzle games and, now, brought conveniently on a smartphone.

Actually, how does Candy Mania Crush work?

First thing to note is that the app is free and downloadable from Google Play store on an Android smartphone. On the app you can enjoy having fun by watching cartoons on YouTube on your mobile device. There are actually multiple numbers of videos of cartoons to keep you company and entertained. Furthermore, you can learn how to make your own cartoons on the web. Photos of candies are also featured in Candy Mania Crush app. It features, perhaps the most attractive part of it, three games.

How do I play the games featured in this app?

Candy Mania Crush features Tetris game, memory game and puzzles game. With Tetris game you have to make use of the different blocks of varying colors and sizes to fill up the screen of your Android mobile device. The aim is to fit the blocks in a rectangle perfectly. It is indeed a mind-demanding game where the player needs to be strategic when fitting those blocks. It is a boggling game indeed that boggles one’s imagination, try it! Fortunately the game is playable until the 100th level.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 7.51.23 PM

On the other hand, the memory game will help test the fastness of your memory in remembering the visual pictures. There are pictures displayed on the screen and you need the ability to remember the positions of the pictures. They will be altered during the game and you will have to spot the right position that you saw the picture at. That’s appealing, isn’t?

Lastly, the puzzles game provides you with the most challenging puzzle to solve. It is played with mixed puzzles to the maximum of 25. What you need to do in order to play is to tap on the one piece to move it so as to create the image similar to the one previewed in the application.

How do I download Candy Mania Crust? It sounds interesting!

Well follow this link to download the app. The app is of version 1.2 and is compatible with Android operating system version 2.2 or earlier. Its size is just 6.6 MB. Otherwise go to your Google Play store to download and install this free app.

Are there Pros for this app?

  • The app is free for download

  • It is compatible with Android operating system

  • Easy to play games

What about its cons?

  • It is only compatible with Android and only the version 2.2, so other operating system may not have it and users of older versions of Android as well may not use it.

For the lovers of cartoons, brain and puzzle games, Candy Mania Crush is a valuable app. It will certainly keep you confined to your mobile device for more excitement and entertainment.