If you love your games to be bright, colorful, and a lot of fun without taxing your brain too much, then you may be interested in Pop Animal. This little game ticks all of those boxes and it is so easy to play that anybody will be able to pick it up and start scoring some points. The game does look rather familiar due to some similarities with the PopStar game, but this is certainly not something that should then put you off giving this game a go.

So what do you have to do?

The entire aim of this game Pop Animal is for you to click on two or more animals in order to score points, so it is your classic elimination game where it is merely down to your speed of thought and observational skills that are being put to the test. This does mean that it is the type of game that anybody of any age is able to play, so it is ideal if you want to allow that child inside you the chance to have some fun.

When you go to start playing Pop Animal you will see that the graphics are quite cool with smart little animals to click on and accompanied by some decent background music that really does just add something to the app. The colors they have used are bright and bold, but it does work and helps bring the app to life as it just constantly reminds you that this is all about having some fun.


As you start playing this game you will more than likely begin to come up with strategies and ways to improve your score and outwit the game. This is actually possible, because of the fact that there is nothing complex about it, so you should learn to do things such as just taking those few seconds to view the board and then work on the longest runs of the same animal to clear them as quickly as possible. You will also find that you get quicker at identifying potential chains the more you play it, but if you are an old-hand at these types of games you should be able to progress quite far rather quickly.

The game itself is very fast moving, but this adds to the tension and excitement and to be honest if it was quite slow like Tetris when it starts it would be pointless downloading it. Instead, you will find yourself looking all over that screen to see how you can clear as many animals as possible and will feel your anxiety levels shoot up when you seem to be doomed to failure.

Overall this game is nothing fancy, but it is still well put together and is certainly fun to play. The graphics are cute and bright, the game itself is easy to play, and it will help to waste some spare time. It may not end up at the top of the charts, but you should still seriously consider downloading it and giving it a go.

 Download today : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.great.animalpop