What is Printjinni?

Printjinni can give printing orders from your smartphone ortablet to your printers. Here we will make printjinni review for you, just to make this printjinni android and printjinni iPhone app more familiar with you. This app can be found in the world two most popular platforms for smartphones, this app is compatible with Andriod and iOS of iPhone, so not only you can use from your smartphone, but you can also use it from your tablet. You can use this app from smartphones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia printjinni and many more. Latest news is that this app is supporting the Ice Cream version of Andriod OS.

How to use Printjinni?

downloadThis app is easy for use, first what you have to do Is to navigate to your online store like amazon store and download it from there. After downloading and installing this app is ready to be used. Let’s take as a example that you want it to print a photo from your smartphone. First what you got to do is to navigate that photo using printjinni android on your smartphone, after navigating tap on that image so it can be shown to you on the whole screen, after opening you will see option Print on the bottom of the right side. After choosing that option you have to select which printer you want to print your image, set the paper size, number of copies, page range, color or not, duplex and finally go print, after this you will be noted that you successfully send a file for printing.


For what purpose can I use PrintJinni?

You can use this app for printing Microsoft Office projects like, doc, xls, ppt, can also print photos, pdf file formats, webpages and much more.

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