In today’s business world, QR codes are used everywhere. Businesses all over the world use them to convey information to their prospects and existing customers. In order to generate and even read these codes, one needs to have a decent QR scanner which can generate and even read the codes. That’s exactly what Qrafter Pro was designed for. Using your iOS device, you can simply scan and generate your own codes.

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Qrafter Pro works well with maps, iTunes, Foursquare, Facebook, V-cards, Yelp URLs, as well as Calender information. What’s more, the app is equipped with a powerful algorithm that handles even smaller codes. Users can also create codes based on the type of information they want to share with others.

Once you are through with generating your own Bar codes, you can always send them through email as PNG or SVG files. Alternatively, you can save them in your photo library or share them on social media.

Functionality and usability
Qrafter Pro does more than what a standard QR code scanner can do. In terms of functionality, it comes with an in-built safety feature that checks malicious URLs. It supports Data Matrix and Aztec code scanning, while making sure that users can print codes generated on devices that support Airprint.

Furthermore, this app for iOS devices can send history through email, at the same time, giving users a simple platform in which they can embed their codes with their contacts, emails, SMS, Map browser and many others.

When it scans codes, it extracts all the useful information the person on the other end will need. For example, it will extract Facebook, iTunes, Yelp, Twitter, Foursquare, map, and data URLs. Furthermore, it captures raw geographical information in terms of coordinates, which is very useful for locating positions on the map.

What’s more, it extract both encrypted and plain text, contacts, iCalender event information and so much more.

Design and application performance
With the pro pack version of it, you can easily change colors of the QR code images and save them in your photo library or email them in the relevant format. In addition to this, the app has been designed in such a way that it creates codes from scratch.

With the pro pack version, you can easily download both vCard and iCalender using your Qrafter Pro internal browser or Safari browser. There is nothing this app cannot do as far as scanning codes is concerned. In order to install it, users need iOS version 5.0 or later. It’s been optimized for iPhone 5 too, so all iOS users can enjoy it.

Most consumers were baffled by the fact that this app is a QR generator and reader–all in one package. They were also amazed by the fact that it could read codes really quickly. They’re really convinced that it’s the best out there.

There are lots of QR Codes designed for iOS devices, but none compares to Qrafter Pro in terms of features and usability. It’s a code reader that provides a holistic solution to all people who handle codes on a daily basis. However, it’s not a free code generator, which is advantageous since free things are always costly. You have to install it to find out what it can do for you.

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