Feeling bored and looking for something to help you relax and have fun at the same time then look no more, Lightopus is here to entertain you. In this very fun game you are the last Lightopus who’s mission is to rescue captured young Lightopuses.

The last of the Lightopus

You are the last Lightopus, if you want your species to survive you must rescue your young ones from the Abyss monsters. When you open the game you start to see why the game is so popular. The UI is very well built, the characters look very fun and unique. The game feels great and the unique control system allows you to literally get into the action, making the game that much more addicting. The visual side looks amazing, the character comes to life on the screen and you can tell the developers have made an amazing job. The audio side is also very strong, providing unique and attractive music.

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Challenging yet relaxing

The game itself is relaxing and fun but it can be quite challenging also. There are various monster bosses who make your life difficult. Each one of them has unique skills and powers that they use to stop you. The game offers you a very convenient checkpoint system that allows you to continue your game quickly if you have died. The game also has a premium version that allows you to access special levels and provides access to various achievements. The game also has full leader board support, making the game a good challenge between friends.

Lightopus is a very fun and addicting game, easily one of the best arcade adventures available on smartphones. A must for everyone who loves to play a few games once in a while.

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