Android users have a cool new widget for their smart and sleek phones in the market now. Check out the classy widget for your phones called the Digital Clock Widget. Now add to the oomph factor subtly by using this well received Android widget which basically is a digital clock with great personalizing options. Read on to see how this Digital Clock Widget can transform the way your looks and functions every day.

Features which make this widget classy:

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The Digital Clock Widget comes with several themes and includes the date, the day of the week as well as the time. Some themes even sport the option to display seconds. This incredible widget from the Wilson Studio flagship comes packed with a multitude of cool features which make them both easy and flexible to use. First, check out the snazzy options in the 14 different themes available in this one widget. Ranging from uber chic to modern to retro to high tech as well as cute options, this widget has themes to suit your every mood. Overall all the themes in the Digital Clock Widget are a bit masculine in nature with sleek undertones but they come far from disappointing the womenfolk. Just pick the most suitable one and just drag it on to the Widgets page and you are all set to go! Bored with the theme you have had since days? Simply tap on the cool screen to get all the different styles and choose the next one easily within seconds. When you swipe from the left, there comes the left navigation window which displays all the themes which have been in use recently and where you can pick up your favorites. On the other hand if we swipe right, there comes a hidden menu which has some of the common apps which are recommended for download.

Specialty of this widget:

Your android screen is graced with a neat Digital Clock Widget with shortcuts to all the favorite apps you could have. This is where we introduce the neat little Smart Tools Bar which is the shortcut to get all the frequented quick link apps and you can fully customize it to suit your needs.  Be it Twitter that you love or Facebook that you frequently visit, you Digital Clock Widget can pick the ones you like and sport them stylishly for you. Some default apps are already linked and there also exists a handy batch app uninstaller too.


>      Slick and easy navigability with a cool layout.

>      Easy to download and install the app and the theme selection interface is neat and delightful.

>      Great themes with great quality to choose from

>      Good customization options and tools like shortcut to popular apps and the batch app uninstaller.

>      Great efforts in making this widget look good and suit well on all kinds of mobiles and tablets with full HD quality screens.


  • Only few apps are recommended for the shortcuts and not all apps are featured.
  • More themes in more variety could be added.

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