Subway Surfers Game— An Incredibly Addictive Arcade Game

Subway Surfers is an arcade game from Kiloo Games available on both Android and the iOS, this is one of those games that you start playing and find it almost impossible to stop. The beautiful design and environment of this game will keep most players entertained for a long time.

Available on the Google Play Store

The game starts off with the main character – Jake but two more characters, Tricky and Fresh can be unlocked via IAPs. Basically Jake is an endless runner, who paints drawings on the subway. Obviously, this is one of those Temple Run clones but this is a really good one, some might say even better. In Subway Surfers as the name applies you surf/run on the subways and clearly the goal is to that as long as possible while collecting coins and dodging various obstacles such as trains, blocked passages, lamps etc.

The graphics in this game is stunning, the game runs butter smooth on the iPhone and as well as Android devices(tested on SGS2.) The controls are the same with Temple Run, the sounds in the game are similar as well.

As I have mentioned earlier; this is one of those endless running games that probably tried so hard to imitate Temple Run, fortunately for Subway Surfers – it all paid off as the game is arguably one of the most addictive arcade games currently available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The game is available for free on the two platforms but of course as most games these days – there are In App Purchases(IAPs).  Don’t worry the IAPs aren’t over used like in Gameloft’s RF 2013, the IAPs will not to interfere with your game-play, you can easily do without them.

Overall Subway Surfers is a visually rich fun and addictive game with delightful characters, it may lack exposure but it’s definitely a game that would keep you entertained and the best part is that you could get for free, so it’s definitely worth a try.

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