Music is part of our lives and everything that surround us. Today, more than ever, people have the chance to enjoy music. This is possible thanks to the advance in technology, especially the mobile devices that more and more people use it every day. With few simple clicks you can listen to your favorite song on YouTube via smartphone. But although YouTube allows listening and sharing songs, it lacks some features that can make this experience even better and this is exactly why people from Ideabove Inc. created Swizzle app.

What is Swizzle and how does it work?

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Swizzle is a social music platform in its essence and the way it functions is closely related to the way YouTube works. Instead of using classic YouTube playlist with limited features you can use the existing playlists and mix or loop them. This app is perfect for parties and gatherings in which music plays a significant role. Everything is completely free so users can make experiments with different songs and playlists depending on the occasion. Swizzle can be used to discover new genres, artists and singles but what is even more interesting is the fact that you can use this app to create different playlists easily. So depending on your mood you can create lists for celebrations, rainy days etc. As a matter of fact these playlists don’t have to be created by you. You can ask friends or strangers for their opinion because as we have mentioned before this app works as a social music platform too. It has hundreds of users with great taste in music.

What makes Swizzle unique?

The first thing that makes this app unique has already been mentioned – its concept. You can rarely find similar social music platform on the internet. But this is not its only feature that makes this app unique.

–        Building custom playlists by searching for songs through Swizzle via YouTube. You can build custom playlists for any occasions and moods.

–        Listen and share music anywhere you want

–        Invite friends to participate in the process of creation of your playlists (this is the social side of this app)

–        Use it as a background app while you are working something else on your mobile device

–        Use continuous play and repeat modes

–        Add songs in your friends’ playlists and have fun

How to get Swizzle?

If you are interested in downloading this unique app then you should visit the following link This is the link to this app on Google Play Store. The installation process doesn’t require any special permission.

Pros of this app

–        It is a completely free app

–        It doesn’t require any special knowledge to work with it

–        It has really interesting and unique interface

–        It works as a social platform

–        It doesn’t require much memory space

–        It is available for iOS device also

Cons of this app

–        None

Swizzle is surely one of the best social music platforms and you can use it to listen and share music with your friends and also to be updated with the latest happenings in the music industry