How often have you seen posts on Facebook along the lines of “Lost / broke my phone. Again. Message me your numbers for my new one”. Maybe you have been that person yourself, and experienced first hand just how annoying it can be to rebuild a list of contacts that took you years to build up. For a long time, there hasn’t been a better alternative for replacing your lost contacts.
What is SyncSmart FTS Pro for Android?

SyncSmart FTS Pro is a game changer. This nifty little Android app backs up your contacts to the cloud, so you can access them from any phone, at any time. No more “message me your numbers please”. If you have SyncSmart, then you always have access to your contacts. In the time that it would take to ask people to send you their numbers, you will already be up and running, without losing a single contact.

FTS Pro has other features that are useful for fixing other common phone disasters quickly and easily. Accidentally write over or delete a contact? You can get it back from the cloud in seconds!
How does SyncSmart FTS Pro work?


FTS Pro has a simple interface. When you use it, you will be presented with a login prompt. (You’ll need to create an account the first time you use it) Just log in, and the interface will tell you how many contacts it has saved on the cloud server, and how many contacts are saved on your phone. You will have options to upload your phone’s contacts to the server, or to download contacts that are already on the server to your phone. It really couldn’t get easier than that. There is also an option to delete the contacts from your phone, which is ideal if you are trying to get your phone ready to be sold on to another person, and you don’t want them getting your contacts.


What sets SyncSmart FTS Pro apart from other syncing apps?

SyncSmart FTS Pro offers the unique ability to move contacts easily between Android and iOS devices. The difficulty involved with switching contacts between these platforms has always been a major factor for people wanting to make the switch from Android to Apple, or vice versa. The value of this ability cannot be overstated. SyncSmart FTS Pro is worth the purchase price just for this functionality alone.

To sum up, SyncSmart FTS Pro is a simple program that does what it does very well. This app comes highly recommended to anyone who is prone to losing phones, changes phones a lot, or is thinking about making a switch between the Android and Apple platforms.