Hello Howdy readers well today in this review i will gonna tell you about one of the most Entertaining Android App Talking mouse by developer ailleboust. There are many Talking mouse app in android market well this is way unique then all. Read whole article about it below you will be excited after reading about this application.

Talking Mouse is entertaining android app

Talking mouse is free game that can be found on Google Play, talking mouse download is available for free there. It can be found this game Talking Mouse for PC, there is also Talking Mouse for Samsung, Talking Mouse for Nokia, and if Mouse is not our favorite pets, but in this case, all that can be changed finally. This is first of all game that can take your free boring time into a fun spent period of your day, is similar to talking cat game, for this game can be made Talking Mouse movie, which can be huge hit.

How to play Mouse Talking?

This Talking Mouse apk is simple for playing, this game can play both grown-ups and kids, this game could also be called Talking Tom. You can say something to the mouse and he will repeat you and respond you with a funny voice. You can make your mouse angry just at taping it one the head, you can feed him and even make him pancakes all you have to do is to tap on that meal. You can try if he can handle it the mousetrap, this little mouse will even try to predict your future all you have to do is to tap on the fortune cookie. This Android game has fine sound and nice graphic with many colors that have perfect black and white contrast.


Can I play this game?

All you need to have to be able to play this game is to have Android device, 60MB free space on that device and at least Android version 2.2.

[button color=”#FFFFFF” background=”#000000″ size=”large” src=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cute.talking.mouse”]Available on Google Play[/button]