Temple Run for android and iPhone is a game all about staying alive, it’s all about preventing bump into traps, and other obstacles. As you manage to stay alive for a longer time, your character starts to run faster and faster, it gets harder and harder. Swiping left and right to make turns, swipe up and down to either jump or slide under a big rock bridge. These are some of the challenges in Temple Run. As you earn coins on your journey you will also be able to spend them on bonusesnew items and other things to keep helping you with the next round you’re going out on.

Temple Run for android and iPhone is also available in free version.This game is pretty fun and involves an adventure hero escaping a mad gorilla or some kind of big beasty creature. Jumping, sliding and running are a big part of this game’s gameplay. And it’s so fantastic. Also the graphic of the Temple Run for android and iPhone is not something to complain about. It’s actually pretty cool and nice. To be a mobile game this is a game one can easily become addictive to!

Below are two photos of in-game gameplay. Amazing isn’t it? Pretty cool right? Temple Run for android and iPhone is all about having fun and feeling the adrenaline pumping as you jump and swipe to make a turn in an unrealistic fast running mode. With this game you can be sure to spend many hours in front of your mobile, having a hard time of letting go.

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But is the game missing something?

Is there something you feel are missing? Maybe for some of you out there, but for me i feel that this game has actually been able to get with in almost everything i could imagine. Coins can also be used to buy a new character – sadly what i became disappointed with about this game is the fact that you can’t design your character with clothes, hair and other cool features, thats what i miss and would love to see appear in this game.

“But aside from that, its a pretty kick ass game and i really like how they used their creativity to put all of this together to one big adventure experience.”

Temple Run for android and iPhone can be purchased or if you want to test it our first – there is a free version of the game, available on both Google Playstore and app store. Also Temple Run 2 is out, same goes for that gamefree or purchase. So now to the last sentence of this article, what do you think about this game? Do you have it? Do/did you like it?

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