The Sanjivani Ayurvedic remedies app is intended to provide you with a number of home remedies that it claims can help to cure all kinds of health related issues. These remedies are steeped in traditional Indian medicine and it is certainly an alternative way to tackle some problems that may be plaguing you. However, with there being so many apparently natural ways to cure yourself of all kinds of ills what does this app offer you and is it useful in any way?

To answer this, we need to look at what it does and in this case it focuses not on helping you to identify the problem, but offers advice and remedies on how to cure the different diseases. The app then allows you to add certain cures to your favorites list, which is a great idea if you suffer from the same condition on a recurrent basis, as well as the ability to search for help via certain ingredients or the name of the disease itself. Finally, you can then share these cures with people that you are linked to via social networking websites in order to alert others to these wonder cures that you have come across.

What is clear is that the app itself does contain a lot of information and it does manage to summarize things pretty well in the space allowed. The people behind it have structured it in such a way that you see a number of remedies for a cough, then it offers alternative remedies for a wound and it is generally easy to find a solution to whatever is wrong. Yes it is not going to go into a great deal of medical detail, but it is then easy enough to find out more information from elsewhere before you make the remedy that it has suggested.


There is nothing complicated about this app and anybody will find it useful, as long as they have the belief that alternative medicine can indeed make a difference, The fact that they have made it easy to share answers amongst friends is also a nice touch as it allows you to share potential solutions with them that you swear by yourself. The graphics are clean and clear, moving around is very easy to do, the search facility works well, and overall they have done a pretty good job with the creation of this app.

In short, if you are fed up with trying different types of medication, then this app may very well offer you some hope that there is an alternative cure out there that is really worth trying. If you know what is wrong, it can offer you a number of cures using ingredients that you will more than likely have around the home and hopefully help to get you on the road to recovery. This app may not be for everybody, but as this type of healing is becoming more prominent it is certainly well worth you downloading in order to give it a go.

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