According to the latest telecommunication statistics almost 90% of the adults in the developed countries and more than half of the adults in the rest of the world use cell phones on a daily basis. The numbers are similar when it comes to the younger generation. The advance in technology has reduced the cost of talk via cell phones, but for most people these prices are still high and they are always looking for a way to reduce this expense. This is exactly how Tim Tim can help!

How does Tim Tim work?


Tim Tim is a mobile app that works in a simple and unique way. The users need to download and install this application and download apps through it. They can choose from many different apps produced by different developers and some of them are well known for those who are fans of popular apps. Once the user installs an app via Tim Tim they will get free mobile talk time.   You are free to choose what type of apps you will download and you can also choose whether you will use the talk credit for yourself or give it to your friends in need. In other words, you will get the chance to explore and work with fun applications and earn talk time credit.

What Makes Tim Tim Special?

There are few other similar apps on the market, but Tim Tim has some original features.

Easy Access – You can log in on Tim Tim without creating separate username and password. All you need is a Google + or Facebook profile and you can log in.

Find interesting apps quickly – This app organizes apps in several categories so you can find interesting apps in a matter of seconds. You can download games, news, educational and many other apps.

Details about the downloaded apps – With the help of this app’s record system you can easily find which apps you have downloaded so far, how many points you have earned and redeem them with just few clicks and swipes.

It works with almost all devices – Besides working with mobile devices released few years ago, this mobile app works with the latest mobile devices too.

How to download Tim Tim?

The easiest and most convenient way to download this application is to use the Google Play Store. You can find Tim Tim on the following URL This app doesn’t require much memory – only 4.1 MB. As we have mentioned before it should work with most mobile devices because it requires Android 2.3.3 or later.

Pros of this app

–          It is a free application

–          It has beautiful design and it never crashes

–          It offers many different interesting apps

–          It provides an opportunity to talk for free

Cons of this app

–          It is only available for Indian users that have Android devices

Tim Tim is a great application that helps people get free talk time by asking for a minimal effort.

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