Hello fellow smartphone users. I bet you all know the feeling what you get when you try to update your apps. Checking every app for updates, struggling with clumsy update systems? We at Softwarelint have found a solution to make life easier for you by introducing New Version, an app that manages your updates. New Version is an update managing app developed by Endyanos-imedia.

Updating made easy

New Version allows you to manage all your apps without having to check them all one by one. You can use it to look for updates for all of your apps. It will show the available updates together with the update notes and change logs so you can decide if you wish to apply the update. The app is really easy to use and manage, making updating a enjoyable experience.



An app that helps you save time

New Version is the perfect app for people who want to have the newest updates on their apps but do not have time to look for updates themselves. The app will make your life much easier as you will always know what you are downloading and installing. I used to update all my apps manually as i did not trust automatic updates. Now with the New Version my life is a lot easier as i do not have to look for all the different update notes.

Writers opinion

The app developers from Endyanos-imedia found a solution to the updating problem that many of the smartphone apps have. They made the updating process easy and understandable and found a way to provide needed information about the updates. A very useful and must-have app for everyone who wants to save time.