What is Waggle?

After the previous android app MBRadio.FM reviewed few days ago at SoftwareLint.com, we feel to switch now with gaming just to inform you with little bit of everything. Today review will be for the game called Waggle, Waggle is one of the most famous puzzle games that you can play on your android device and iPhone. Not any puzzle game can be unique and interesting at the same time, Waggle is very cool game with ancient theme that requires concentration and thinking of the player, using their logic it is a game with unique idea and design. Waggle is brain training game that will be your favorite for a very long time.

 Waggle’s Design and Screenshot’s

The whole idea of Waggle is about the small character Waggle who actually looks like ping pong ball but with yellow color. While controlling the Waggle you have to jump from one waggle to another, and with the whole jumping from one to another waggle, you are actually removing the waggles and the game ends when you remove all of them except one.

You are able to control the Waggle with drag and drop method, using your finger to jump and move the character from one place to another. Remember your goal here is to jump or move to all the waggles out there until it remain one at the end, with every jump or move over waggle you get points, as much right moves you made as much points you get.

And if you stuck somewhere while playing and you cannot make more moves you are able to restart your level and start it over again, and you can actually try unlimited times until you passed that level. The game is made to suit any type of players like beginners, amateurs or experts, so this is no age restrict but it depends on your logic skills and concentration.

What I need to play this game

Of course, you will need iPhone or android device to play this game, the game is free and is updated frequently.

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