Are you a trackday addict? Or maybe a beginner? Whatever the case may be, chances are you haven’t equipped your trackday accessories with the latest and greatest data-acquisition system. It would be nice to know more about your performance on the track, allowing you to compare laps under a lot of conditions. This would of course be not for bragging at your friends or family, but rather to improve your skills and speed.

If you have an Android based smartphone, there is a very interesting app called Tracday. The app comes in a free and a pro version, so you can use it right away, and pay for the pro version later if you find a need for it.

Tracday for android is a very useful and simple to use tool, which you can use to record and track GPS routes of your workouts and get detailed statistics of what you do. That means walking and running, giving you details about calories burned, distances crossed, timings of them and also everything in between. The data that is collected and after the workout is done it is synchronized with the Tracday for android app’s website. A website where you can share your workouts, or maybe just keep an eye on them. In this way you can easily compare your results with others, to keep you motivated and willing to push a little further every day until you achieve the results you desire most. At the website you can also see graphs and split times, as well as other useful tools in order to evaluate your workout more thoroughly. It is actually very simple to use, anyone can do it, and all apps designed for this should work on the same principle: simple is the way to go!

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With the Tracday for android app all you have to do is press start, put the phone in your pocket and off you go! You can also easily choose what unit to use (mph/kph).

Some of the other features include tracking your everyday workouts without losing focus, a great list of 60 sport activities you can do (which is a very good thing when it comes to brainstorming for new ideas and for new tracks), the simplicity of the Tracday for android app with its user friendly and non-distracting user interface to let you focus only on your activities and on achieving your goals, a workout history to check whenever you want, compare to others, share with them, and be proud of comparing the new and old results to see the improvements that you’ve done, a nice implementation that automatically synchronizes your workout with the Tracday for Android app website so you don’t have to do it manually, also great details and statistics on that website.

The most interesting part, and fun also is the ability to follow your friends and see their progress, competition always being good at motivating you to keep going. So stop looking for an app to help you track your workout, Tracday is the right choice!

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