Another day has gone by, and it’s time for another Softwarelint review on one of the most amazing android apps in town. The truth is; this isn’t the first time you’ve seen this app. It was first introduced as an iphone app, but now WorldCard Mobile is back! And it’s better than ever! Now making waves as an android app, WorldCard Mobile aims to pick up where it left off!

And there we were thinking that android app developers will allow to be “one upped” by iPhone app developers… We thought wrong!


What’s so special about WorldCard Mobile?

WorldCard Mobile, the key company business card readers & scanning device, utilizes OCR technologies in order to immediately move info through company business cards towards the owner’s indigenous connections.

This android app is a must have for any aspiring businessman out there. This is perfect for any businessman or even those who are still on their way to being one. What better way to catapult yourself into the elite ranks than to have WorldCard Mobile?


What does WorldCard Mobile really do?

WorldCard Mobile is a business card reader and scanner at the same time. Remember, you can do this ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. How convenient is that? A businessman is busy and always on the go. This is the perfect app for him to stay connected and keep his networks open at all times. There will be no “falling behind” moments for you with WorldCard Mobile. There are thousands of iPhone app developers in the world, but no one aside from Penpower Inc. came up with this outstanding app idea.


Key Features of WorldCard Mobile:

* Superior text recognition
* High-speed scanning & update
* Automatic sorting of contact data
* Ability to differentiate business cards from saved images
* Support interface and recognize 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.
* Instantly Contact: phone call, send messages, send e-mail, check maps, or view websites immediately.
* Export contact information to Phone contacts, Google or Exchange contacts.


Sales Pitch:

If that’s not enough to convince you how great WorldCard Mobile is… Then we don’t know what will!!! Kidding aside, of course we do. No, we won’t refer you to other iPhone app developers. What we will do is simply tell you that as a businessman, this may be the best investment that you will ever make in your life. Yes, it’s not always the most expensive purchase that brings you on top of the business circuit… Sometimes it’s the little ones like this that gives you the edge that you need.

Editor Review :-

As a businessman you must have a lot of money to work with. If you’re still starting up, surely you’ll have a couple to cough up. Trust Softwarelint on this one! WorldCard Mobile is an android app (there’s an iPhone version too) that will help you with your business career.

iPhone app developersfrom all walks of life have been creating many apps such as Temple Run, Angry Birds, Stone Stacker, and many more. Without a doubt you enjoyed playing those apps right? Don’t worry, so did we. But how about trying out an app that will actually aid you in your career?

If you can cough up a couple of dimes for a game, you can definitely buy an app that can really change your life! Softwarelint’s mantra is “Optimum Convenience at its Finest”; We truly believe WorldCard Mobile shares the same motto as us.


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