Film Production Business

A lot of people would love to get a job in the movie industry but not everybody wants to be the next Hollywood star. There are some great careers to be found in the film production industry and the good news is that in some cases you do not even need to move that far from your home in order to get one of them. Though most of the jobs will be found in the movie towns like New York and LA, some can be done from your hometown and in some rare cases, right from your home. Here are some of the most popular choices.

Costume Design

When you hear the term costume design you may think big productions with rare creatures walking around but that is not necessarily the case. Every movie needs a costume designer because the characters need to be part of the story being told. Costume designers are therefore some of the best paid people in the film production industry and they are also some of the most recognized. Every year, costume designers will go up for different awards, whether it is because of the clothing that characters wear or because they need to be made to look realistic in a particular time period.


Another very important job in the film production industry is that of the publicist. A publicist’s job is one that you can get no matter where you live and it consists of ensuring that the film gets the right publicity. That means getting in touch with the local and national media by issuing press releases as well as managing advertising. The publicist is one of the most important jobs as the success of the film depends largely on the job you do as a publicist. The job is competitive but very rewarding.

Set Decorator

The job of a set decorator in the film production business industry is one of the most desired by those with a lot of artistic creativity. As a set decorator you will be using your imagination so that the movie looks great. In order to be successful in this job, you need to be very attention to detail oriented because every little thing will be observed by those watching the movie in a much larger screen. Jobs for a set decorator are competitive but there are also plenty of them around as more than a few are necessary for each production.


Construction is another very popular job that you can try without a lot of movie production experience. While construction is a little different than regular construction jobs what you will be doing is pretty much like set decoration but in a much larger stage. Films that are set in the old west for example need sometimes an entire town to be built and that’s where you would come in. Construction is a very necessary task and there are a lot of spots to be filled all the time. It is one of the easy ways for you to get into the film industry while working behind the scenes.