T-aran: Inspire. Fun. Energy. Emotion

Inspired by our beautiful planet earth
There are many unique websites out there trying to make a stand, trying to attract visitors. T-aran is one of them. But they don’t do it to make their visitor statistic blow up. T-aran is shortly said a photo portfolio website powered by us here at Softwarelint. Designed by our CEO Deep Singhal, and managed by Deepanshu Tyagi along with Tushar Aran.

Tushar Aran is a talented photographer, with just a single goal:  “inspire other designers and photographers and provide them with ideas they could use for their own work at the same time  allowing the people who are not artists to understand the true meaning of a beautiful photo.” I think this website is amazing, and their purpose behind it really is something meaningful. The design is fantastic, and the background of the website covered with thousend of photos with different location of our beautiful earth. You quickly notice when accessing the website, beautiful music is playing, the beautiful pictures, everything is just brought to life on a single website.

Above is a beautiful picture of a car, taken by Tushar Aran. The whole idea behind the website is fantastic! T-aran  was made to inspire, entertain as well as empower the artist in all of us. And clearly i feel inspired, i feel entertained by beautiful pictures. T-aran is here to help and give ideas to both the audience and other photograpers seeking help and ideas for new photos to take, well – this is the right spot! Here is everything in one sandbox and easy accessable with a soft and beautiful design.

Link to the website: http://t-aran.com

Like  them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taranphotos

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tushararan