At a very young age, we were told that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. We were told that each and every one of us is unique, and special in our own way; that we are all beautiful because we are created in the image and likeness of God. This is all true. We are all beautiful and unique, but that’s not what media wants us to think.

Media is so powerful

We are now at the age where media is so powerful that the way we live our lives is already dictated by the media. Every girl wants to be pretty, even when they already are, they feel that it’s not enough. Why wouldn’t they? When all they see in ads are the supposed “Blueprints” of what a beautiful woman would look like/should look like. Girls are the primary victims here. Because unlike guys, girls tend to have more self-esteem issues and are more conscious to what they look like in the public’s eye. They want to look pretty and feel pretty, that’s why they go beyond their limits and do everything they can to look like those girls they see in magazines. People then become more conscious regarding their physical appearance. They want to be just like the “beautiful” people they see in ads. Because the idea that these advertisements give is that if you don’t look like this, then chances are you won’t win in life.

Look as good as the models

Girls want to look as good as the models in ads because they feel that guys would only be attracted to them if they look like those seen in magazines and billboards. No matter what happens, these ads always find a way to imply that YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, that you are still FLAWED, and you need to be FIXED. Either by losing more weight, or using their whitening lotion for your dark skin, or a special cream to get rid of face blemishes, or sexy clothing to appear more attractive; they want you to change yourself. These ads will never run out of ideas, and they will never stop on feasting on the low self-esteem of girls (and people in general). That is the essence of their business, and that’s how they earn their money.

The advertising world

These advertisements will always make it to a point that you feel that you are not good enough. The landscape of the advertising world just kept on evolving and evolving, until eventually it turned into this. Sexism and Racism also comes into play. A lot of issues are being discussed and brought up nowadays regarding the nature of these advertisements. Women are being downgraded into OBJECTS. They are being sexually exploited in these ads. It’s as if an ad can’t be released unless a Woman would show some skin or wear something revealing. It is what sells nowadays, women wearing revealing clothing and other sexy attires. Sometimes, there are even ads wherein a girl would go full-frontal.

Ethics and morals

This is what SELLS. This is what these advertising agencies would be willing to do for them to earn top money. Ethics and morals will definitely be thrown out of the window because at the end of the day, they are in it for business, and they wouldn’t give a damn about certain issues being raised by people who are offended by what they do. It has been well documented that a lot of Women Groups have protested and fought for the female rights. They have raised these issues as well, but up until now, nothing has changed. And nothing will ever change. This is what we are now used to. This is what society already accepted and embraced. The minority will not be heard, and for as long as the big dogs keep earning their money, this trend will go on and on for the next generations to come.

Truth be told

Truth be told, it is really sad that this is the reality we live in. This surely isn’t what we would initially envision our society to be. But it is what it is. All we can do now is to keep fighting for what we believe in, and in our own little way, be agents of change. Advertising, empowered by media, is a very powerful entity. It is no secret that it cannot AND SHOULD NOT be stopped. But somehow, someway, we can find a good medium and when this balance is attained, it may lead to something much better that will benefit everyone in the society.