Out of the many things that modern technology has brought to use in this day and age. Smart phones are among the greatest, and most impressive. Now a days smart phones penitential have reached an all time high with the technology getting more powerful everyday. One great feature of smart phones are the applications that can be installed onto them. From Checking email to your stocks, to random games and youtube videos. With the android and apple phone platforms ever growing every day there is one that seems to be pulling ahead of the other in the phone market. The Android Mobile OS has being an open source project to thank the most for its success. Since it has become so popular with its users and clients it has exploded with more applications being added to the android market everyday.

Just because iPhone has a market leading application volume, some think that it is the better platform. However, the potential and capability of android apps development is turning out to be better than any other platform available on the market. There are a series of prime factors that make android a fair contender to other mobile application development technologies, some of the are:

Fast Growth: Since being launched, the android’s app shop has increased in popularity immensely within the mobile users and manufacturers community. Now each major app is released for iPhone and android platform, as the demand is for both platforms. Android has performed extremely well and the platform grows and a fast rate. More and more Smart phones now come with an android engine, therefore increasing the number daily android user.

Open Source: Android is and open source phone os that has become increasingly popular in the mobile phone world. Because it is open source unlike the Iphone advances in the android world can come quick and without warning. Not only that, but being open source brings people together from all over the world to work on it and make sure that android is the best it can be.

Customization: Due to increased customization, android is a far better choice for organizations in making applications. Due to android being open source, businesses are able to customize mobile applications around their specific requirements. Android apps also can be modified to fit the needs of the user. Overall, android operating system is more beneficial for developing than iPhone applications, and should become the leading development tool for application creation for all mobile in the future.

Flash Support: It may not be the best, but android supports flash technology which is not offered by i Phone. If a client wants to develop an app with flash in it then he has no other choice than Android platform. The constant enhancements and newly launched versions of android try to make the flash usage as compatible as possible.

Google Support: Android, created by Google, not only allows for the use of many apps, but also includes G-mail and Google calender. Because of this some consider the Google apps to be spam, but really these apps allow for the use of them at any place at any time. These apps can also update in real time meaning the owner will never be left out of the loop at any time. So all in all people feel the Android OS is worth it.

Due to high popularity and demand from its users the android market is increasing at a very fast pace. The apps offers more flexibility and freedom compared to other platformsbut also requires the ability to operate on other devices. If you would ever develop an application we would high recommend to operate with the android store for almost double the popularity than other leading app markets. Preferably, on-the-go apps should be developed for several different devices so as to reach the greatest audience possible. Most developer companies give out Mobile App developing services, so it’s wiser to go with an app developer company that has a great ton of experience in creating applications.

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Written by Deep singhal