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RuneScape ā€“ The old age

Available on Web-Browsers/PC (tested)
Where to start. In the days i played RuneScape. There were alot of different opinions about the game itself. When i played it, someone was like; Oh my god you play RuneScape? It’s like the lamest and ugliest and gayest game of the year, you’re such a faggot, you’ll never get a girlfriend and so on. RuneScape were pretty much both hated and loved by different people. But the ones playing it was the ones taking the mayor hit from them who hated it, and still does. As a reviewer and a loyal RuneScape fan, this is a game you simply either hate or love. No doubt. That i love this game. But over the past years, RuneScape has made. They are pretty awesome for the new people that has been ariving. The old loyal gamers who have been there for 6-7 years might hate the new graphics and all the newly added features to the game, but still – No hate, just love, for the game. And becoming a member, witch costs money is not expensive at all and you get to see extremely more features and new worlds to explore. It’s totally worth it, if you love MMORPG Games.

The Conclusion
This is an awesome game overall ranked. In my opnion, it was more awesome in the old days. Now it’s just a game with too much features and too much new things that should never have been there – the game is not original anymore – like minecraft, it’s too much modern and the feeling of the good RuneScape is totally gone with the wind. I rank this game to a solid 5. It doesnt get the full 6 since the game is not as it were before, but it’s still worthy to check out for those who never tried it, and it’s free! Goto and check it out today!