As one of the largest online poker sites in the world, brings you the very latest  internet gaming software with everything from customizable 3D graphics to impressive sign-up bonuses. Let’s take a look at the site and see how it stacks up to the competition:


888poker is easy to use for even novice poker players. An intuitive filtering system makes it simple to sort and filter tournaments and find one in your price range or at your competition level.


888’s 3D poker table graphics can be customized by users, and a variety of palates are available to suit all tastes. Avatars help liven up your game, but can only be selected from a limited number of preset options. All hand histories are stored by default on your computer’s hard drive (tip: use the game on a single computer to avoid losing data), making it simple to retrieve those all-important stats when

analyzing your game. Beginners will find their needs catered for by 888poker’s Beginner’s Lobby, providing a safe space for learning the ropes before playing with the big boys on the money tables.

One of the most progressive features is the webcam support, allowing users to select a table that allows webcam usage when playing, adding a face-to-face element to gameplay. Other handy features include the replay button, which makes multitable gameplay all the more attractive. Convenient table statistics are also shown as standard, giving your brain a break from constant number games.


Being one of the major players in online poker, offers great support to its users. Money can be added to a player account using a credit card (Visa and MasterCard included), debit card, bank transfer, NETELLER and PayPal, amongst other methods.

Users of Apple macs and Windows computers can happily use 888poker without a problem, and the site provides dedicated email support for all users, covering both technical and financial enquiries.


Of course, one cannot review a poker provider without covering its bonus program. Unlike bricks and mortar poker locations, the online world gives you more bang for your buck with matched deposit and sign-up bonuses. 888 regularly implements major bonuses up to high amounts like $400. If that’s not enough, they also roll out a generous rewards program, awarding users with points for playing. Reward points can then be traded in for poker merchandise like baseball caps, t-shirts and even gadgets like iPads and iPhones. In addition, there are regular free-entry high-stakes tournaments, allowing skilled players access to life-changing amounts of money for no outlay.

Additional gameplay:

As well as poker, 888 also brings users a little diversity to spice things up when the tables go cold;

keno, roulette and slots and video poker are options available from the main lobby, making 888poker your one-stop-shop for internet gaming.



So now you know more about what is all about, here’s our overall summary:


  • – Excellent support
  • – Variety of gameplay
  • – Great rewards and bonuses
  • – Easy tournament selection
  • – Webcam support


  • – Rake charges can be high
  • – Limited avatars


Verdict:’s a real winner when it comes to online poker and the word on the street is that the players frequenting the site are easy competition: that’s good enough for us! Click here to download the latest 888poker software and get your sign-up bonus today.