Mordern war game at it’s finest! Amazing graphics and a story well told. This must be the game of the year!

Battlefield – Welcome to the modern warzone

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 (tested) PC
I would be a complete lier if i said that i haven’t been looking forward to this game, because i have, as many of you have. This game is fantastic, the gameplay is awesome and i love it. One thing i actually honestly i can say that i hate about this game – is the lenght of the story missions. It’s short, but it’s action packed. It’s awesome, but too short. The action is there but it goes away faster than i expected when i bought it. The multiplayer is the big one too, the game has most likely set their levels high, and the game is more likely to be based on pro war gamers instead of noobs hiding themself in the bushes.

Graphics are amazing!
When it comes to the graphics of the game – They are absolutely stunning! I’m gonna be short in this, the graphics are so real, so beautiful, you really get the feeling of being in a new world, and i absolutely love the game for it’s graphic engines. I will recommend this game, based on mostly the graphics themself.

The Conclusion
The game itself is awesome and amazing. But it has it’s disappointing parts too, mostly the campaign, the storyline and the lenght of it is just too short. I’m not gonna judge it by that, im gonna judge it by the setup of the game, the graphics, the sound, the facial of the characters and the features that are in the game. There are possibilities to fly, and drive and that gives you the extra feeling of contributing in a war. This game is recieving a solid 4 from me. Buy it, play it and feel it, thats all i can say.