Hello all fellow readers! Today i’m gonna review a game, that was pretty difficult to actually review. As much awesomeness Black Ops II brings to the world of gaming, it also has it’s disappointments. So this is a 50/50 good/bad game. The campaign missions are somewhat extremely werid comparing to Black Ops I’s action packed missions, that game is the best one so far in my opinion as a reviewer.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Review | Big Risks, for a big developer

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 (tested), PC
Things have escalated for Call of Duty and the developers Treyarch. The game has taken a new bold-direction in war, but still the game doesn’t look forward in the future – well ofcourse Black Ops 2 is mostly about the future around 2025 and so on. But the game keeps going back to the 90s with woods, mason and all the other well known characters. But what do we say about the big risks Treyarch and Activision takes when making a new Call of Duty game? I’ve never in my years seen such a big risk company doing this, but still somehow manages to sell a big load of game copies. There are something strange about them – We can’t figure it out, all we know is that Call of Duty is an addiction, no matter if the game is reviewed as good or bad.

Still the best
Everyone can agree that Treyarch and Activision has made their mistakes over the past Call of Duty years. But still, we keep on being loyal fans and gamers. There is something about the Call of Duty series that just wants us to keep us playing it, is it curiosity? Is it the urge to try every new game they make? For me, this is still an unsolved question, but i still love the game, even if it manages to disappoint from times to times.

The game itself is extremely addicting. image yourself beside your war friend fighting off with explosions, gunfire and screaming men hurt in battle, the sound effects running through your vains and the adrealine pumping as you run trough grenades and flying objects – The feeling of being in a real world with a weapon in your hand fighting for your country is just so significant! The game lowered my expectations at some area but it’s still loveable.

But there are still a few things that annoys me about Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I feel that the campaign missions are hard – even at a normal level of difficulty. The options for getting in cover in the warzone is extremely hard and annoying. Getting shot by several soldiers from different angles at once, and then trying to rush for cover and finaly healing up, and a soldier comes and back shots you in the head. – That is something i’d want Treyarch and Activision to improve.

The Storyline

The storyline is somewhat boring and interessting at the same time – the story is a continue of Black Ops 1. Just with new enemies and tasks to perform. The game quickly escalates between the 90s and 2025. Going back and forward might seem confusing at some times, but the gameplay is still amazing and gives every loyal Call of Duty player tears in their eyes as they play their way through the game and the storyline, the campaign for me is just a bonus add – I’ve always enjoyed the multiplayer more.

But for the overal summary of this review, the game itself are pretty fantastic as it is bad. There are just things that we can’t put the finger on, it’s a misteryous game but also an as kicking-badass-awesome war game. I’ve always loved Call of Duty since i tried Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I’ve always been a fan since that time