This game, really takes the word “burnout” to a whole new level! With epic crashes, speeding and burnout, this game is far from bad.

Burnout Paradise – Welcome to the Paradise City!

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 (tested) PC
Burnout Paradise is an fantastic game for those who really love a car game including crashes, drift, burnouts and fast speeding. This game really puts it all out there, with awesome audio effects and music to go with. This game really gives me a good feeling when playing it. From the developers Criterion Games comes a epic game that has it all. Published by Electronic Arts, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay and everything about it is just so lovable! So amazing, i know that i repeat myself alot but it’s so awesome, can’t be explained. This game set itself in Paradise City, a city of beautiful landscape, beaches and surrounding hills and mountains. Burnout Paradise is available for PC, xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Alex Ward is the designer and the game is within the series of Burnout with this game being the 7th game in the burnout series. The game is totally worth buying or trying as a demo.

The Conclusion
The final verdict is up. I only have good words to put in to this game. I only have positive things to add up with this game. I love the graphics, the design, the details, the adrealine pumping as you push your pedal to the metal, breaking and drifting in slow motion as the smoke pops out of your tires, as they squel for mercy. The driving mechanism for the game is the only thing i think could have worked better, but i still verdict this game to a strong 5+. A good game, easy to fall in love with, and a game one simply should try out, if it’s not buying it, than get your hands on a demo and find a personal conclusion of your own.

You can read more about Burnout Paradise at: Or google it to find info as it suits yourself.