As singleplayer for many people are awfull and good at the same time. For me it’s an amazing gameplay and i couldn’t love it more than i am now. The game is action-packed while playing with fellow team mates against enemies in a big arena of shotout and explosions. I’ve always loved Call of Duty series multiplayer. I loved the Black Ops I’s and i have no hate for Black Ops II’s extremely fun multiplayer. I just get more and more fascinated by the development and work they put in to give gamers the best experience ever. I’m actually stunned and happy that they make and develop a game they love so much!

Playing the Black Ops II multiplayer is still fast moving and bringing a brutal unforgiving experience, and it has alot of rewards within the gaming itself. Treyarch new maps are beautiful and detailed, standard since Black Ops I but it’s still both lovable and playable. The bloodbaths are back and still aint a disappointment. It brings high quality and if you love multiplayer warfare gaming, this is deffintly a game you should considering to buy, it won’t disappoint i can stand by that to the full.

Zombies Return
Finally, Treyarch has got serious about Zombies mode. The Black Ops I zombiemode was a boring overall not so exciting mode, but now they finaly took it to the full level and used every inch of the game engine. I’m so stunned this game is giving 100% and so am i while i burst through every zombie i encounter on the way to survival. There is not much to write, you just have to experience it yourself! There are no excact words i can put on this game.

Graphics and Sound
Treyarch aint hessitating on this category, they push their engines to maximum and aint saving on their money, they are really putting everything they got to make this game the best for you, me and everyone else out there, this game is a shockwave of awesomeness that can’t be explained only experienced and played by yourself. The sound effects are beyond epic and you really get a feeling of playing as the person in the game.

Despite haters and fans on each of their side with opinions, this game as awesome as it is, still aint delivering at it’s full. They could do better, they could do more, but they won’t, they wont expand they just stick to what they are good at and won’t move to things that can make it all awesome and epic. I still find the game loveable, but they could do better. Let’s hope Treyarch and Activision come to their senses if a new future Call of Duty is developed and published.