For many – Combat arms is unknown, not made it’s successful way yet – But FPS action online couldn’t be better than what Combat arms has brought to the world of gaming! Best of all, its free!

Combat Arms Review – Phenomenal Multiplayer Game

Available on PC (tested)
One of the few free FPS Action games out there, Combat Arms is one of them. The game itself is free, to improve your character with amazing weapons and customization costs a bit, but you wont even feel it in your pockets! This game is over three years old but still gold, still being improved with new gameplay and amazing features. The graphics might not blow your mind, but i can secure that the gameplay and the feeling of the game will. It’s a while since i last played this game, but i still remember how good it felt to play this game in the same room with a couple of friends. Teaming up against other teams and totally emptying your bullets and feel it burst through the air. Short said – this game must be tested!

I really don’t feel like spoling this game too much, because summary of the games features and other add-ons are really just a shor boring list, one must experience and play the game – to feel what i feel when i’m writing this review. Watch the trailer at the top of this article.

The Conclusion
Combat Arms is easy to rank. The game simply gets an 6+ from me, not because of the graphics, in a game, graphics is not all, the gameplay and the feeling of playing it is important too. Combat Arms is worth searching up on Google try it sometime, one does not simply regret after tried, its kinda addictive. Almost like i gotta start play it too again anytime soon.