The old good CS returns, with a makeover!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – The classical CS Returns!

Available on Xbox 360, PS3, PC (tested)
Back in the day when i was younger. Counter-Strike: Source was the big game along with CS 1.6. Yet again a new CS game strikes back, with only graphics more fantastic than ever! The game has gotten an extreme new makeover, with new maps, improved gameplay and improved weapons. Everything has become up-to-date and feels more real and more modern that it did with CS 1.6 and CS:S.

Graphics and the improvement
It’s not hard to see the changes that has been made to the game. It feels amazing to finaly know that CS is not dead – just renewed with new things and exciting new objects. I just can’t put word on it. I feel like a child again when i used to play the old CS’s back in the day, CS:S that i mostly played, got bored after a while, and now i have a new version, a new improved game to play with and have fun with. There is really nothing much else to review this game for, other than; GO PLAY IT, GO HAVE FUN WITH IT AND GO AND EXPERIENCE IT!

The Conclusion
The final time is up, my conclusion and verdict of this amazing game. YES! i said it, amazing. I actually don’t have anything bad to say about the game – atleast not yet, it completes my required list. And i gladly give i 6+. And i stand by it. Some people may not agree with this. But review is just a persons personal view of the game as he/she experiences it. Buy it, it’s totally worth it!

YouTube: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer