Kill people, sneak up on people and suprise them with your blade of fear as you feel the blood pumping inside you!

Dishonered PC Game – Sneak & Kill!

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC – Not tested
I haven’t tried Dishonored. I was given a suggestion to review it – but seen as i haven’t played the game yet, i will give it my review as i have read about it and seen youtube clips about it, So this wont be a review where i can come to any conclusions as i haven’t played it – yet. From just seeing the trailer. You are meeting a person, that seems to kill people, i don’t know why, but he does it, and the fact is that he is extremely good at what he does, he clearly does it for a good reason. Dishonored is on the same genre level as Assassins Creed and hitman. Much about the sneaking and killing from behind, in a professional way.

Graphics & Effects
I have no current information if this game got a multiplayer option, but i wouldn’t think it has. The graphics of the game in my personal opnion is crap. It’s bad, its out-dated, and it doesn’t seem that alot of the time has been spent on graphics than it has on the gameplay. The effects on the other hand are nice, but is shown in a bad day because of the graphics in the game. I got nothing positive to say about the game, atleast not yet – until i have tried it myself. I won’t rank the game either, since i haven’t played it. But i was asked to atleast publish some content about it so here is a short summary of what i think of it so far – just from reading and looking it up on YouTube.