World of Warcraft made it’s way to the earth many years ago, from launching the first original game followed by several numbers of expansions for the game – World of Warcraft has made it’s way to many gamers hearts.

World of Warcraft – WoW! It’s Epic!

Available on PC
World of Warcraft took over the globe several years ago. It was clearly hitting the homes of many geeks at the time. Success became bigger than expected and the game blew up with record sales over night. Over time the game has released several expansions with new features, new items and new lands to explore and go on a journey to. It’s been a long time since i’ve played WoW. But i still remember some things about it, like training up to ride animals and use animals for combat – Amazing!

There aint alot to say about WoW, to all you WoW fans out there, you all know what im talking about. To all those out there that haven’t tried WoW yet – give it a shot, it’s totally gonna be worth your time, do not judge a game by the cover of the images or what you hear from others, it’s great and could be addictive also! World of Warcraft is surrounded by beautiful trees, mountains, landscape and well detailed beautiful water and creatures.


The Conclusion
WoW is an amazing game – i absolutely love it, and are really into giving it a +5, therefore that’s what i’m giving. There is nothing much in the conclusion to write, other than that this game should be tried. Even if it’s gonna be paid for, or trying a trial version – it’s totally worth it!