Grand Theft Auto IV has been huge for several years – but now Grand Theft Auto V is it’s big brother.

Grand Theft Auto IV – Liberty City is back!

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 (tested), PC
Starting off as Niko Bellic, arriving at a dirt rotten dock in Liberty City. Meeting up with his drunken cousin that has overtalked the luxury of his daily life. Models, sportscars and big condos is just a lie. In real he just owns a shitty apartment and a small time taxi company. So Niko Bellic has really gone into a trap of lies. Over-all Niko has gotten a life of lie from Roman. He is obsessed with finding that special someone, Darko a guy who left Niko to die and lied to get several dangerous men after him. Liberty City has gotten an extreme makeover since it’s apperance in Grand Theft Auto III. It’s impressive, but with the storyline completed after a while – What is there do to after that?

The game itself was rated as amazing and incredible. This was a big change for Rockstar and for the reputation of the GTA series. The game became amazing, the storyline was awesome but after a few months, complains came in – The game had to little things to do after a complete storyline. The only big thing there was to do after finishing the game was going around creating mayhem and killing people, that was all.

The Conclusion
Grand Theft Auto IV has a brilliant history. But more important is the history and the outcome as you process through the storyline. As today. Many people already know everything and the ending. So from here don’t read if you don’t want to hear the spoiler. There are to options in the final missions. Choosing revenge or the deal. From what you choose someone will die at your cousin Romans weeding. Either Roman himself or Kate, the sister of the Irish, Patrick.

I verdict this game to a 4+. Because the game is amazing and stunning but at the same thing, it sets boredom to a whole new level when you’re done with the storyline. This game is great to play while you’re waiting for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V.