I’m sure many people already knew about this, but for those not really into the GTA V world, here is some good news for you all. Rockstar games wrote on their newswire 30th October 2012:

Today, we’re proud to announce that Grand Theft Acity of Los Santos and for miles beyond – from the tops of the mountains to the depths of the ocean.

Starting next week November 5, 2012, Grand Theft Auto V will become available for pre-order everywhere and fans can expect a host of new information to become available in November.

Look for downloadable desktop versions of the brand new artwork above coming very soon.

Update: Pre-orders start everywhere November 5 and select retailers will be offering a double sided poster while supplies last.

In other current short news for those of you who already doesn’t know. Rockstar launched a second GTA V trailer a few weeks back. That are availeble for viewing at their websites. Their trailer can be found at http://www.rockstargames.com/V/. Grand Theft Auto V is the most highly game talked about since the launch of GTA IV back in 2008. Rockstar games keep on suprising their fans with GTA games with good memories and they never disappoint, atleast, they haven’t yet.

Check out the trailer, and look forward to GTA V, the most epic game in 2013 told by several game reviewers!