One of the cool protagonist of Grand Theft Auto V, Is Michael. Below is a a bullet informative fact about Michael. Michael’s background is unknown at the moment, but it has been said that he is from somewhere in the East Coast and at some point in his young life he became a bank robber, and through the years he became highly successful at his job. Whilst young Michael somehow ran into an ex-military pilot named Trevor Phillips, who also had a flare for criminal acts and the two became close friends, performing several major heists in the past. Michael then met his future wife, Amanda and had two children, Jimmy and Tracy.

  • Michael is a retired bank robber, who made a deal with the FIB and is currently in the witness protection program.
  • Lives in a mansion in Rockford Hills (based on real-life Beverly Hills).
  • Married to wife Amanda, and has a teenage daughter named Tracy, as well as teenage son Jimmy.
  • Has an awkward father-son relationship; his kids and wife spend most of his money and is in a bit of a crisis, and is pulled back into crime through this.
  • Michael is the brains of the protagonist trio. He is a “smooth operator,” skilled, and the effective leader.
  • Michael has a special ability of his own version of bullet time.
  • Michael also has a fascination with old movies which translates into his own crimes.

Events of GTA V

During the events of Grand Theft Auto V, Michael retired from his life of crime after making a “sweetheart” deal with the FIB. In the process of that deal, he and his family got rich off of it, now living in a large mansion with several sports cars and a private tennis court and golf course.

But Michael’s domestic life is sadly coming to an end. In fact, his wife who now barely tolerates him anymore, spent almost all of his money in the city’s finest boutiques. Both his son and daughter have little -if not any- time left for him. Even Trevor had a severe falling out with Michael. This caused a severe rift between the two. Running out ofmoney quickly and tired of being bored and miserable, Michael gets back to the criminal life.

His personal story is how the breakdown of his bought idyllic life pushes a man to breaking point. He is described as a man with everything and nothing to lose both at the same time, and his seemingly blissful existence in San Andreas will be changed forever by the events of GTA V.

The first missions that displays Michael is Pest Control and The Extraction.

During the mission The Extraction, the story starts with Michael resting confortably by his pool in a pair of flap-flops alongside a pool in his mansion in Rockford Hills. Michael’s home is shown to be amazingly designed with the draw distance being stunning – Game Informer has stated that they were able to see his private tennis court in a near distance and when they got a look onto the smoggy horizon they were able to see the cityscape of downtown Los Santos. Like stated before, Michael and his wife Amanda aren’t getting along and he doesn’t have the slightest idea of how to talk with his children. When Michael gets up and walks into his mansion, they meet his daughter Tracy, who Game Informer described “jamming out loudly to a Just Dance-style video game. The quote she gives to him is“It’s called exercise – you should try it,”in a flippant way to her father.


After this, Michael crosses paths with Amanda – who is heading out for another shopping spree. When she walks out the front door she shouts, “If you want to know where I am you can check your credit card statements.” She hops into herSentinel XS which Michael responds back with “Hey I’m felling lucky! I’ll check the hospitals!”. With the car gone, Michael then grabs the mountain bike out of the garage and heads out to meet up with Franklin and Trevor. When riding down the neighborhood of Rockford Hills Game Informer stated that there were manicured lawns, sprinkler systems, rolling hills, and plenty high-end luxury cars on the road to make the Grotti dealership look like a “used car lot”.

After this, (and skipping through Trevor and Franklin’s story), Michael and Trevor have already reunited, but not by choice. The FIB is hot on there backs and to get them off, the trio needs to perform a snatch-and-grab mission. When Michael pulls up, he sees Trevor insulting the security agent who was guarding the chopper about standing around with his earpiece while everyone else is “out there making money and nailing chicks.” While Michael urges his lunatic friend to calm down, Trevor keeps on going about and insults the agent even more. He has agreed to this mission on the premise that this will lead to the springing of his friend Brad. Michael responds to this with “We’ll talk about Brad later.


Franklin then arrives and both he and Trevor have a first exposure to each other face-to-face. Trevor is already cautious of the new recruit and makes a hot-headed rant about how Michael is acting like a father-figure to Franklin (even though Michael can’t take care of his own childen). After seeing Franklin get taken aback by the rant said by Trevor, Michael tells him that it is okay if he sits this mission out. He then agrees to proceed with the mission as planned. Trevor also agrees to put his faith in Michael’s judgement and trust within Franklin and the three make a well-rounded but unconventional team.

When Michael gets into the right and suitable outfit for the job, he and Trevor hop inside of the chopper so they can get the target out of the IAA building while Franklin provides the cover from a nearby building. When Trevor gets to the building, the player assumes the role of Michael as he rappels down the side of the building to locate the right office.

Michael then finds the right office and before things got out of hand, he smashes through the glass and grabs the target holding him hostage with one arm while pointing his gun at the various interrogators reaching for there pistols (Franklin then provides some great covering fire, taking out half of the agents in the room). When Trevor picks up Michael and the target a helicopter chse ensures and if the player choose to play as Michael, he and Franklin take down the last few birds in the sky before returning to the chopper back to the FIB helipad and the mission ends.