The history about Trevor is that he has a very sketchy background but at some point in the late 80s – early 90s, Trevor entered the military as a pilot and retired in the early 2000s (by this time he’d be in his early 30s, by which point a soldier is too old for service). Somewhere in the early 2000s, Trevor met Michael. Both men realized that they had a flare for robbery so Trevor decided to join Michael on heist jobs. Both became majorly successful in several heist jobs.

At some point in time both men had a falling out, causing a major rift in their friendship, (some believe that it was Michael’s deal with theFIB that caused said rift).

  • Former military pilot.
  • Lives in a trailer in Blaine County (desert).
  • Used to work a few bank jobs with Michael back in the day.
  • Drug-dependent, always willing to put his neck on the line (not kidding either, look at the tattoo on his neck!).
  • Trevor has a special ability of frenzy mode; where he does double damage, takes half damage, and has a unique melee attack.
  • Trevor will always be the best pilot despite the ability to raise skill levels.

Events of GTA V

By the events of the game, Trevor is living in a trash-riddled, filthy trailer in the desert of Blaine County with his best friend Ron, a paranoid conspiracy theorist, living next to him. Because Trevor ended up spending all of his money that he earned during his robbery days, he needs to get back into the deadly game of robbery.



Trevor has been described as a difficult person to deal with, extreme, impetuous, vengeful, psychotic, unhinged, unpredictable, untamed, infamous, and prone to violent outbursts and destructive rampages – in the second trailer he smashed an unknown person’s head into a bar counter and was then seen setting a house on fire and walking out of the area without a care in sight. He does everything in an awful and relentless manner, (much different from Michael). Although Trevor is this kind of person, he is also honest about it and will never show hypocrisy and he will also have his own charm along with his own principals (his principals being different from Michael’s). But, Dan Houser has confirmed that Trevor may not be all he seems but is still too horrible to be a hero kind.



The years haven’t been kind to Trevor, as he is balding and disheveled and a very dirty person. He is frequently seen wearing a plain and dirty white v-neck, ripped up dirty blue jeans or sweat pants and a pair of black boots to match. He is seen in one screenshot with a different outfit on – a jean jacket with a half buttoned up shirt along with a white undershirt and a pair of blue jeans to match. He also has several cuts on his face along with several tattoos (the famous tattoo of “CUT HERE” with the dotted line going across his neck, a dagger on his lower left arm, a flower on his upper left hand and last but not least, the words fuck on his left fingers and you on his right fingers). Also, in some screenshots and during the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer, he is seen wearing a calculator watch on his left wrist. Trevor is average when it comes to weight and build. He isn’t overweight, but at the same time, he isn’t muscular either.