Voted as the most anticipated game of 2013; Grand Theft Auto V is higly the game ranked as the biggest gossip and most talked game in the history! This time – Rockstar Games takes us back to Los Santos!

Gta 5 review | Rockstar Games takes us back to Los Santos!

Available on Xbox 360 & PS3 Spring 2013!
Grand Theft Auto V has been told and confirmed by Rockstar Games to be bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV combined! Confirmed areas in the game world includes Suburbs, military base(s), a “Salton Sea” region, the wilderness, mountains and beach fronts. The single-player story of GTA V will be told by three player-controlled protagonists. They are Franklin, Michael and Trevor, three criminals whose stories will be interconnected as they complete missions togheter. When reading all this information about GTA V (That is posted longer down in this article) i’m really getting excited for the game’s release!

Now i’m going to write a short review of the two released trailers for GTA V, from my perspective and in my own words. The reviews will be extremely short, brief, just to give an insight in how i see the trailer and how i feel of it.

Grand Theft Auto V – Trailer #1 Review
The trailer starts off with a voice talking about himself and why he moved to Los Santos. The person speaking, is one of the three protagonists, Michael. In the trailer, there are shown several known areas of Los Angeles, beaches, downtown with cars, amazing details and graphics that are epic! The well known Mount Chilliad is also shown in the trailer, BIGGER than in San Andreas.  As said, many known places are filmed in this trailer. It all ends with a plane flying into the sunset. Amazing huh?

My conclusion
The graphics are fantastic! Rockstar games defintly upgraded their engine, and pushed them to the max, creating amazing detailed pictures including beautiful landscape too. This game is really looking promising – and that was told by people just from seeing the first trailer, that was launched last november. I have high hopes for this game, and i can smell success for Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto Official Trailer #1:

Grand Theft Auto V – Trailer #2 Review
The second trailer Rockstar Games released this November. Starts off with a funky good-feel music. Switching to Michael’s wife and daughter arguing as usual – Michael doesn’t like it at home, he feels like his family is only using him for the money and the luxuary. This trailer gives a better perspective from all the three protagnists featured in the game. Trevor is the second guy shown after Michael. With his badass attitude he destorys and beats up everything in the way of “Trevor Entreprises”. Last but not least, Franklin is featured as a gangster, fearing dude who makes a living stealing luxuary cars and selling them off to get people into debt and demanding alot of money. Yet, more beautiful areas shown in the trailer – i can’t wait to play this game!

My conclusion
Same conclusion here as with the #1 trailer. But here – we get to know the three protagnists alot more. And with this trailer, three protagnists were known to the world, many people are negative and sceptical to three protagnists in the game, i on the other hand, find it interessting.

Grand Theft Auto Official Trailer #2:

The list with features in the game
Below, i will show all of you an exclusive bullet list with all the features in the game. With different categories too. I’m not claiming rights to this information, i’m simply sharing it. The information has been taken from several websites, including Rockstar Games website. Information taken from

General Information:

  • There are 3 playable main characters. Their names are Trevor, Franklin and Michael.
  • You can switch between them at any point when not on a mission. When you switch, the camera zooms out into the sky and then back down to the character you switched to.
  • You can switch to another playable character during missions where they work together. This happens instantly.
  • Some missions will only have one of the main characters, whereas in other missions it may be two or all three together.
  • Each one has its own personality, motivations and skillset. When you’re not controlling them, their lives continue and you may be surprised to see what situations they find themselves in when you switch back.
  • Each character has his own story arc.
  • Of the main storyline missions, there’ll be several complex missions focussed on heists in style of “Three Leaf Clover” from GTAIV.
  • Some characters from GTAIV will make an appearance in V. Niko won’t be one of them.
  • During research, Rockstar took over a quarter million photos this time!
  • Census information and vehicle sales data were used as a guide to depict the game world.
  • Big advances in the game’s lighting model with vast increases and advances in draw distance and levels of detail.



  • You can flip off other characters in the game, and see interesting results dependent on who you’re flipping off.
  • Vehicle physics have been updated. “The cars hold to the ground a bit better”. It now feels more like a racing game, compared to GTA IV where they felt “big and boatlike”.
  • After a hiatus in GTAIV, Ammu-Nation is back!
  • A lot of new side activities, including yoga, jet sking, base-jumping, tennis and golfing on a full golf course!
  • Rockstar felt that dating wouldn’t fit in this game and have stripped this feature.
  • Mobile phone will return, but friends won’t be calling as often as they did in GTAIV. It will be more streamlined and used for things like emails and Internet browsing.
  • Random character encounters throughout the map, much akin to those in GTAIV – but this time there’s a greater variety and they’re fully motion captured.
  • Dynamic missions, similar to Red Dead’s “Unique World Events” make a return. Examples include characters with broken down cars, a hitch hiker, or two parked cars with dead bodies around them – which you can investigate to initiate dynamic missions.
  • Dynamic “state machines” were coded in the game, allowing non-playable characters to go about their daily lifes. For example, you may see gardeners and cleaners waiting at the bus stop in the morning, and then find them tending the gardens and houses in the game’s fictional Beverly Hills later on in the day.



  • GTAV’s game world is bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined!
  • Fully explorable Mount Chiliad
  • A military base
  • Salton Sea region
  • Wine country
  • Wilderness
  • Fully explorable ocean floor along the coastline



  • Most vehicles in a GTA game to date, including – but not limited to:
  • BMX
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • Dirt bikes
  • Planes
  • Variety of cars and trucks
  • Helicopters
  • ATVs
  • Jet Skis



  • Michael is a retired bank robber, who made a deal with the FIB and is currently in the witness protection program.
  • Lives in a mansion in Rockford Hills (based on real-life Beverly Hills).
  • Married to wife Amanda, and has a teenage daughter named Tracy and teenage son Jimmy.



  • Former military pilot
  • Lives in a trailer in Blaine County (desert).
  • Used to work a few bank jobs with Michael back in the day



  • Early 20s, works at a luxury car dealership.
  • In the demo, he was driving around Vespucci Beach in his 9F (equivalent to Audi R8).


Gta 5 review | The overal conclusions
GTA V is a fantastic game, in the perspective view as we have seen photos, the two trailers and read about it. The game seem awesome and i have high expectations along with many other loyal GTA fans. There is not much more to say – since the most things already have been briefed about, other than i can’t wait for this game to be released in the spring of 2013! I personaly, will keep everyone up-to-date on the latest information regarding GTA V and it’s release as info will be given from today and to the time of the game release. This website will keep giving good reviews and writting news about the latest highlighted games out there in the world. Thank you all for reading this article, and i hope it was packed with information for each and everyone out there. Any questions can be asked in the comment field below.